Sega Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

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Sega Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

Postby Lucifixion » September 7th, 2020, 11:50 am

In light of all the love the Saturn has been receiving on this forum, my thoughts have been on my poor old Saturn launch model. I was actually surprised it booted a game for the first time in ages when I decided to give it another go recently (I wasn't thrilled that the game in question was Tomb Raider, as amazing as the 3D graphics are... :mrgreen: ). Sadly, most games (and audio cds) won't play anymore despite any ones I own being in excellent condition. Optical drives die, moving parts, etc...

So I'm wondering if anyone has bothered to take it upon themselves to install Fenrir or Rhea, or anything else to replace these failing units. If so, how easy was it and how different is the gaming experience, assuming the install was successful? From the images I've seen, it looks like the interface is not dissimilar to the Genesis Everdrive I have. Simplicity and functionality. Thoughts?

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