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Re: Castlevania

Postby Zack Burner » August 20th, 2022, 8:49 pm

m0zart wrote:
Zack Burner wrote:Castlevania 64 - the most underrated in the series is my all-time favorite Castlevania game. I don't understand all the hate and backlash this one got as it's got some virtues that far outweigh any negatives it has. The negatives are the awkward camera angles, the floaty controls, and the puzzle where one part has you carrying magical Nitro. Like Bloodlines you can choose between 2 characters, and while I like both, Reinhardt is my character of choice for the whip and sword. The bosses are terrific like the giant skeleton, Rosa, Death, the Demon Bull, and the final Dracula fight in an alternate dimension that will really have you on your toes. Best of all the endings should you perform well, are worth all the pain. Adding to all this is an element of horror that 2D installments don't have such as the vampire ambush in the villa and the infamous Hedgemaze chase, which has given many players nightmares. Too bad the creator took this out of canon as this game deserves more respect.

I always think I’m a weird Castlevania fan, because I loved boTh Castlevania 2 and Castlevania 64. Castlevania 64 is a crazy good ride and has a truly creepy atmosphere that other Castlevania games don’t have. Most of them have a cartoonish sense to them, but Castlevania 64 definitely did not.

Oh yes, and that's why I loved Castevania 64, there are times when you feel a sense of dread, such as when you first open the gate to encounter the giant skeleton, the scene where you encounter a peasant (later revealing to be a vampire), the infamous hedgemaze sequence, and in the beginning of the 3rd level where the atmosphere gets dark and you encounter the hellhounds. In the 2D games, you just get straightforward scares that don't really make you jump.

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