Pac man museum.

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Pac man museum.

Postby BlasteroidAli » June 3rd, 2022, 3:58 pm

This was announced some months back and best of all it was coming to games pass. I was so looking forward to it. It is a museum, so it will have Ms. Pac Man and baby Pacman.

First up 2 games are unlocked. You go to the cabinet and play Pac man a couple of times and it unlocks other things. This is great right? Well, Pac man has been done to death, so it is the unusual pack man games we want to play, plus Ms. Pac Man which is outstanding.
First impressions are great. It looks fab. Then you get down to the grind. Play PM, this unlocks some of the other games.

Of course baby pacman and Ms Pac man are missing.

The real kicker is the controls which are really laggy. I thought my joy pad was broken. In pacmanina I pressed the jump, nothing happens and I get eaten. Super pac man. The control is awful.

Then I read online a lot of people are complaining about controls. So maybe wait a while before buying this classic set of games for the system of your choice.

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Re: Pac man museum.

Postby tREVdesigns » June 4th, 2022, 1:20 am

Nice game collection, but can confirm the controls absolutely suck. Which makes it very frustrating. A true gated 4-way arcade joystick is desperately needed.

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Re: Pac man museum.

Postby Robotrek » July 11th, 2022, 7:41 am

I've been playing it on Steam and on Switch. Definitely a bit of lag on the switch, but none to speak of on my PC. I like being able to customize the arcade, but the options are very limited and you end up getting so many of the same cabinets!

Still though, I'm very impressed with the collection and will gladly keep playing.

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