Final Fantasy II (SNES)

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Final Fantasy II (SNES)

Postby Alucard1191 » August 15th, 2022, 11:05 am

Well, I've been quite busy, so this one took me awhile. Spoony Bards can be that way.

Even though my completion time was only around 15 hours, I've been working on this one for probably 2 months or more now? Life is busy.

Final Fantasy II is one of those games that you only play frankly to experience how bad the translation is. This game has much better versions on other systems like the DS for example. (I'm familiar with the DS version, and it is better in every way, story, characters, challenge, etc.)

Squaresoft at the time was mega censoring its games in America, and they thought that we needed the difficulty toned down in the U.S. for some reason. (Never mind that the original Final Fantasy on NES is tough as nails.) So this game is extremely easy, and as the Spoony Bard reference shows, is famous (infamous?) for its horrible translation.

So straight up, if you want to have a serious playthrough of this game that challenges you, play the DS version. Better writing, better skills, better everything.

Does that make the original SNES release worthless? No.

The translation is terrible everywhere. Little things like Grammar aren't paid very much attention too, and you'll find weird phrasing and writing throughout the entire game. It makes the game more of a comedic adventure than anything else.

It is also SUPER easy, (Until Zeromus) making this game a genuinely relaxing, unintentionally comedic playthrough. My last save says 14:05 on it, but the final trek down to the last boss is QUITE long so I would put completion time a little over 15 hours like I said up above. That makes this an extremely fast and easy play through for an SNES RPG. And while the game is simple, (extremely simple. Honestly it's more simple than Mystic Quest in my opinion) it is still enjoyable. Especially the middle part when you start going into the underworld and getting airships I breezed through because I just couldn't put the controller down!

So simple, very poorly translated and overall very easy. (Exception Zeromus, he was straight up the toughest final boss of all 3 final fantasy games, with Kefka being the easiest by far for me this year.)

Now, having played all 3 SNES final fantasy games this year, I'd rank them probably how most people would.

FF3 is the best, no surprise there. Though I feel it has some weaknesses that the other games don't have.
FF2 I put only barely in 2nd, I could have swapped this one with Mystic Quest to be honest. Simple, enjoyable, nothing special though. Overall easiest game with the toughest last boss.
FFMQ I put last, but only by a hair. The game has puzzles in its gameplay, and you can use tools like an adventure game. And overall the combat is much tougher than FF2, you can just restart right there if you lose.

Overall though, this series is high quality, and the music in every game is fantastic. I don't see any of these beating Chrono Trigger for my 'Best SNES RPG' spot.

What I still have left in my personal collection:
Lufia 1+2 (Not sure if I want to start these ones next. Lufia 2 specifically is one of my favorite games of all time and I almost feel like I want to save playing through it until after I've gotten some of these others handled.)
Secret of Mana: Never beat this one, though I've played the heck out of the 2nd one.
Secret of Evermore: I have a file (assuming its still there) that is on the last boss, but never beat it. This game is tough, and alchemy can be rough.
Illusion of Gaia: Beat it as a kid, I remember the storyline being really really weird, but the game played great!
Legend of Zelda: While not technically an RPG, I feel like I should include this to play through.

Anyway, no clue what I should tackle next here for 'SNES RPG.'

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Re: Final Fantasy II (SNES)

Postby mbd36 » August 15th, 2022, 11:59 am

Maybe FF2 hasn't aged well. But back in the day it was an amazing step up from what we'd played before. Whatever deficiencies in the gameplay was covered up by the phenomenal soundtrack and atmosphere.

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Re: Final Fantasy II (SNES)

Postby Zack Burner » August 15th, 2022, 12:03 pm

Ah yes, Final Fantasy II (IV) on SNES, I have some fond memories playing this game, and yes there are some very glaring flaws about it. Besides being super easy except for the final boss, they omitted some cool abilities such as when Cecil is the dark knight, he does the Dark Wave attack (though in the scene where he becomes a Paladin you can spot the ability), Tellah had a recall ability where he randomly does an advanced spell (later dropped at Mt. Ordeals), and Palom had a boast ability. Edward (Gilbert) is easily the worst character in the game, mediocre attack power, a useless song ability and when his health is low, he hides, which prevents you from healing him. FuSoYa on the other hand is just mediocre despite his vast spell library. Rydia gets killed too easily, but her powerful spells and call ability are worth it. Rosa is the healer/archer and a very good one at that. Cecil's white magic is useful early on, but after that you want to stick with Rosa. Kain is the coolest character with that awesome jump ability. Palom and Porom at least have the Twin ability which compensates for low magic power. Edge himself is cool as a ninja, though his ninjistu magic doesn't always work.

Some of the summons are from Hindu mythology Jinn (Ifrit), Indra (Ramuh), and Asura.

There are a few foes that did give me nightmares: Milon fiend of Earth (the 2nd form) with his exposed bones, and the Calcobrena (the evil dolls that form one big doll) not helped with the creepy music.

I agree FF3 is the better of the 2

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