Sex game for Atari 2600

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Sex game for Atari 2600

Postby john-boy » September 5th, 2008, 10:06 am

[QUOTE=Alienblue]You missed my point about violence not being natural.

First WE ARE SOCIAL animals. Do ants, bees, or groundhogs living together in a colony RAPE AND MURDER EACH OTHER? Of course not! Yes they kill OTHER colonies or intruders or prey BUT THEY DO NOT HARM EACH OTHER. If bees spent all day beating each other up they would soon be extinct. Thats point one.[/QUOTE]

point one is a false point.

Many mammals kill each other - Lions will kill cubs so they can breed with the female (who will not come into season whilst she is feeding a cub).

Primates, which have highly evolved brains, routinely use violence and intimidation within their social group. Since humans are primates, it is not surprising we do the same.

Violence within the animal kingdom, contrary to your belief that it causes extinction, does exactly the opposite - ensuring the fittest survive.

Extinction is caused when the animal is not fit enough to reproduce.

[QUOTE=Alienblue]Point two is WE HAVE HIGHLY EVOLVED BRAINS and should realize that violence against our fellow humans is not acceptable.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, sometimes violence is not only acceptable, but the only rational choice. Society makes rules it deems necessary for the survival of that society. Sometimes that means outlawing violence (making assault illegal); sometimes it means using ultimate violence - war. I can think of a multitude of scenarios when violence is acceptable.

Violence is an integral part of being human. It is as natural is eating or drinking or having sex - all of which are beneficial to us (which is why we have evolved to feel good when we do these things).

Michael Danehy

Sex game for Atari 2600

Postby Michael Danehy » September 5th, 2008, 11:06 am

Our specie's violent warlike tendencies have only became a serious  threat to human survival following the advent of nuclear weapons. But amazingly we're still here.


Sex game for Atari 2600

Postby Alienblue » September 5th, 2008, 3:38 pm

First I read nature books all day long. I'm aware of "Survival of the fittest". STILL, my point is that animal SOCIETIES, like ants or termites feed and guard each other, they never harm each other. Lions and chimps are only loosely social forming small bands or prides. Humans should be working for the greater good of their social unit, be it MAINE-iacs , Americans or Bosnians.

Second, survival of the fittest has backfired in humans. Yes, a few hundred years ago it was the STRONGEST and SMARTEST that most likely survived. Now it is the RICHEST. Humans are DEGRADING. Our president is dumb as a post and weak as a jellyfish. He "WON" (yeah right sure he did) because HE HAD THE MOST MONEY. Humans with the best genetics are not living to pass on their genes. All that matters is money. It looks like the utopian future of Star Trek will never come. We are if anything MORE barbaric than the romans and vikings and neanderthals.

I don't enjoy debates so this ends my posts. Agree or disagree, but I believe we must curb our violent ways and demand a world where the best and brightest survive, not the richest. Nature continues to evolve, mankind stagnates.

But as I said I don't care, I'll soon be back on Neptune drinking liquid methane and looking back on yer anus!

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