How reacquiring a GC provides more entertainment than the return of Lost....

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How reacquiring a GC provides more entertainment than the return of Lost....

Postby steer » January 23rd, 2009, 7:27 am

And I dont have any spoilers for Lost, in fact I fell asleep in the middle of the 2 hour thing. Lets just say a great charachter drama with sci-fi themes (ala Star Trek) has abandoned its charachters and the sci-fi feels ponderous and flat. I am in to the end, but no longer have any expectations.

But, a day after that a GC arrived in the mail, and it was great. I bought it for one reason only - 2 GC controllers, 1rst party. The best way to buy GC controllers (even wavebirds) is with a GC they lose most of there solo value when strapped to the cube - I got a GC, 2 controllers, a GBA player, Mario Kart DD (yay!), Madden 2005, (bleh!), Sponge Bob (!!!) and Superman battle of something or other (lol!) for $60, delivered! Its a great time to buy GC's!

So the plan was, buy the package, keep the controllers keep DD, and recycle the rest.

GBA Player - I never played one of these till last night - of course I have heard about them, but never spent the money. I heard the graphics were bad, as you would figure, but I was IMPRESSED! Sure, on full screen, they are a little 'soft' but man, it looked way better than I expected. Plus it runs some nice little software that lets you switch games without powering down! Granted, you would need a special GC controller better suited for 2-d to REALLY get into it (or a GBA link cable!) but I had some fun with Kirby Pinball GB, it was sureal on a 27" screen. This thing is really cool - I dont plan on going out and buying a bunch of GB/GBA games, but this kinda feels like a 'poor-mans' answer to the VC.

Mario Kart DD - THis was one of my fav GC games, but I gave it a way recently after having it out on loan for a year. I have played the CRAP out of MKWii since then, so its been 2-3 years, for sure. And I was shocked :

It feels like half a game. Blue Monkey says the Wii aint much more powerful than Wii, and I guess he would know more than me (I think). But if you have both games, play them back to back. I remember DD as being MUCH better looking than it actually is, and it almost feels N64. Even to me that sounds harsh, but it is true, and this is 2003 we are talking 'bout!  However I still love some of the tracks, and the contol, and graphics are ONLY one thing but, :

I go behind carts to drift, no drift! No jumps! No tricks! No item drag! (No online, but yeah, that is olde news) MKWii upped the anti in a major way. THuis game still holds a special placre in my heart, and oh how I would love to download Yoshi Track, Wario Roller Coaster, Baby Park and Mushroom Bridge for MKWii. Oh well.

Madden 2005 - Won coin toss, recieved kick, fumbled kick, held Packers to field goal. Recieved kick, my 1rst play from scrimmage INTERCPTION returned for TD - enough Madden!

Sponge Bob - would be really fun for kids, good production values, looks like a collection fest.

Superman - Done in the comic book style, looks really horrible. Go to save a blocky bus, SUPERMAN says 'saving these ppl is my first concern' - I punched a cop in the back of the head three timnes and 'blew him' with my Super Breathe, but he did naught but flinch! Oh well, lets put DD back in! Superman provided more laughs the Hugo Hurley, though!


How reacquiring a GC provides more entertainment than the return of Lost....

Postby Kim » January 23rd, 2009, 10:48 pm

I have played Mario Kart 64 but did not expect Mario Kart DD to be so different to it. Mario Kart 64 was a huge graphical leap from the Mario Kart on SNES, but only Mario Kart Wii could possibly have the revolutionary changes to differentiate from Mario Kart 64

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How reacquiring a GC provides more entertainment than the return of Lost....

Postby N64Dude1 » January 31st, 2009, 1:56 pm

Never compare Double Dash to Mario Kart 64!!!!!! That's like comparing Shadow the Hedgehog to the original Sonic.Mario Kart 64 had good track variety and a the best blue shell and shell shields.DD had none of those instead you had "Special" Triple Shells that didn't shield and went by slowly had a Flying shells that didn't damage everyone in the way and tracks that practically looked the same.

I think I played Mario Kart Super Circuit on the big screen and it still looked better than Super Mario Kart.

A good thing you never played Superman 64.


How reacquiring a GC provides more entertainment than the return of Lost....

Postby steer » February 1st, 2009, 10:31 am

Aint it interesting how tastes are so different?

I cannot stand Mario Kart 64 or MArio Kart SNES (you tell me which one looks worse, I cannot secide...and I hate how they contorl), and would take the 16 tracks in  Double Dash over any other Mario Kart...

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