Nice Little article on the making of Playstation...

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Nice Little article on the making of Playstation...

Postby steer » May 21st, 2009, 10:05 pm

Its 6 pages, but more like 6 columns, itspretty concise, and interesting. Like the sweet picture above, and how :

At the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991, Sony revealed to the world a videogame console on which it had jointly worked with Nintendo. This SNES with a built-in CD-ROM drive was a project driven by Ken Kutaragi, a Sony executive who had come out of its hardware engineering division. It was to be Nintendo’s route into a brave new world of multimedia, and a way for Kutaragi to show his company how important the videogame industry could be. But the very day after Sony’s announcement, Nintendo declared that it would be breaking its deal with Sony by partnering with Philips instead.

Anyway I always get a kick out of that, and it is interesting how few people in Sony believed they could do it when Nintendo backed out, and the advantages and disadvantages Sony had at the time....They worked hard at their vision no doubt, great read.

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