Whiplash for xbox

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Whiplash for xbox

Postby Ozzybear1 » January 23rd, 2010, 6:14 pm

Basically I just stumbled across this game the other day, and I must say it reminds me of a game like Voodoo Vince in that fact that it seems to be a game that went under the radar, yet is an incredibly overlooked platformer, basically, you are a weasel chained to a rabbit escaping and freeing other animals from an aminal testing lab, the graphics are decent, and it has some good comedy moments coming from the rabbit when the weasel uses him to get what they need. Anyway, I just thought i would throw this out there in case there are some that still like games like this and may have over looked it not realizing what it was, im only in the first stages of the game so far, but i must say its very enjoyable and if you like the style of games as i said like Voodoo Vince that are some great platformers with some good comedy thrown in, then check it out, i got it at my vintage game store here for not even 5 bucks! Definetly a great find, and worth playing! I love finding games like this that have been overlooked but turn out to be a complete blast to play. anyway, as always, Keep gaming Peeps


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