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Nicholas Pozega


Postby Nicholas Pozega » March 2nd, 2010, 3:52 pm

[QUOTE=N64Dude]Now hold on why no mention of Tomb Raider? Tomb Raider was much better than all the above. Better designed levels,much more rewarding gameplay and better controls [Sorry Rayman] than Astal,Rayman,or Sonic Jam.


Tomb Raider was a slow, boring and sloppy feeling game. Nights, the original Genesis Sonic games and the first Rayman featured lovely graphics and art, fast paced, fun, creative gameplay and good/great level designs and cool audio and music tracks. Not to mention they had generally great presentation and just feel really polished and refined. TR just feels archaic and dull compared to say, Super Mario 64 which has gameplay that has aged like fine wine. (although that game did have some problems of its own) Thats my two cents, anyways.

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Postby rift1 » March 3rd, 2010, 1:17 am

Tomb Raider isnt even a platformer, so I dont know why 64 is comparing it to stuff like Astal or Rayman.  TR is 3D exploration.  Croc is a platformer that happens to be 3D. 

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Postby N64Dude1 » March 4th, 2010, 12:13 am

If TR isn't a platformer,then I suppose neither is Super Mario 64,neither is Donkey Kong 64,neither is Super Mario Sunshine,neither is Jak and Daxter. Sure none of these
A platformer last I checked was jump and grab style gameplay with of course the occasional Boss Battle
Tomb Raider has all of that,sure it emphasizes much on shooting but the jumping and collecting is just as much prominent in Tomb Raider as it is in Rayman.

What is your definition of a platformer?

Super Mario 64 is #2 on my Top 10 so obviously I can't argue on that one

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