Rayman 2 what am I missing?

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Nicholas Pozega

Rayman 2 what am I missing?

Postby Nicholas Pozega » March 19th, 2010, 10:19 am

[QUOTE=N64Dude]TIM BURTON? [I]BAAAD?!?[/I] Blasphemy! What could possibly be wrong with grotesque and dark plots? AAA-Haaaaaaahh

Now will somebody tell me why the hell Ubisoft won't make genious games like Rayman 2 anymore? Ever since the Rabbids came into the picture,things have really taken a terrible nosedive.


No no, i LIKE Tim Burton's art style. It's just that Rayman 2 uses what looks like some really ugly, bland imitation of Tim Burton's art, and not to mention it's COMPLETELY unfaithful to the original Rayman's wonderful art direction/style.

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