Fatal Frame coming to the Wii U

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Re: Fatal Frame coming to the Wii U

Postby Atariboy » August 25th, 2015, 6:31 am

What makes it sting perhaps most of all, is that thanks to Nintendo's infinite wisdom, Devil's Third is getting a retail release in North America.

While there's a segment of gamers looking forward to it, it seems as if nobody that has played it has been impressed. Seen some people at NeoGaf in fact that are going to be buying it just to see how bad it really is just to satisfy their curiosity. Some are finding it difficult to comprehend how things could've gone so terribly wrong for a title that has long been in development and which was produced by the man that so successfully resurrected the Ninja Gaiden franchise after a long slumber.

The Fatal Frame franchise on the other hand has always been well received. The series has consistently offered high production values, interesting gameplay, and a compelling storyline. And reports from Japan indicate that this latest entry, which they received nearly a year ago, is easily of comparable quality. Yet Nintendo of America not only is acting like this game doesn't even exist where marketing is concerned, it's also ensuring that many a dedicated fan is upset despite the localization and release.

Sales are deservedly going to be low, and the sad part is it's not even going to be the fault of the game itself. And this "opportunity" that has seen its chances crippled is going to serve as proof to them to never try again.

I wish Sony or Microsoft would've gotten involved with this franchise instead, if Tecmo was unable to go it alone.

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