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PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 5th, 2013, 9:59 am
by Sut1
Just had a good google to see if there has been any swing since E3, but it seems Sony haven't lost any ground since Microsoft handed them a head start in the next gen race.

Taking a rough average from various sites it seems pretty much 75% of gamers who will be buying a next gen console will be going for the PS4 with the remaining 25% XBone.

I've not mentioned the Wii U as I was just looking at PS4 vs XBone searches as these are going head to head and are targeting a similar demographic.

So on initial findings (I know we won't really know until after Xmas) Microsoft's U-turns don't seem to have switched gamers back, is the damage already done ? Can Sony maintain the goodwill and have another PS1/PS2 style dominant generation ?

Another interesting thing I noticed was Microsofts key markets are the US and the UK, and it's these two markets they seem to have enraged the most.

What's your thoughts as we approach the big launches ?

PS. Darkrage I know your going to defend the XBone, which is fine but can you qualify your comments and give your opinion on the overall picture, cheers.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 5th, 2013, 2:16 pm
by darkrage61

I think the console exclusives are going to be one of the factors that determine overall sales, if people get excited enough about Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3(I know I am) and the other X-One exclusives, then that could definitely boost the system's overall numbers, or Microsoft might have to resort to selling the console without the Kinnect to cut down the price, but I don't see that happening for at least another year or so.

As for these articles, well I don't know if they paint an entire picture all that accurately, the reuters one is said to be based on a "limited sample" and they admitted that they wouldn't know the full results until after Christmas, so I don't know if surveys are really the best way to measure how well a system will sell(surveys can be easily manipulated to achieve prefered results, see the Penn And Teller BS episode "Numbers" for more details on that).  While i'm not surprised that more are choosing the PS4, I don't think the Xbox One is going to be as far behind as these articles imply.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 5th, 2013, 3:46 pm
by Segatarious1
Both should launch well. PS4 has more units, so they are expected to sell more from the start....

I would say both will suffer some severe Wii U like drouth this winter though. MS is far too expensive, and too few games. Sony has too few games for their price as well.  People hyped for Square and Capcom releases on PS4 - please. The great part for WiiU is they have not only the best and deepest holiday lineup this this season, but they have heavy hitters ready to go through winter and spring - Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and 'X'.

In any event, MS will have no impact on Japan, and Europe looks thin for them. I am sure the US will come around, to a point, however their mass market aims with Kinect and Xbox TV are worthless. MShas burned up all their Kinect good will and never delivered on software, Xbox TV is a joke, no further comment.

There will be NO PS2 style domination for anyone, tablets and mobiles alone would dictate that. Sonys first party sells very little, beyond a limited hardcore sect, and game development is split and fractured to unprecedented levels. The big budget games are entrenched, the gaming middle class on consoles has been gutted, and the console have few realistic answers for low budget gaming. Nintendo is the dark horse here, their first party is just too good, MS has to wait to see what Nintendo does before they make a move, that's how bad there's is. Before you get mad, look at RARE's output this past gen, and then agree with me.

Put it this way. Who has the deepest pockets to weather the continuing storm of the contracting game console industry? Who will not fracture and dump their key properties for cheap on mobile? Who is the most committed to console gaming, and who has the most talented, longest tenured and creatively varied in house teams under their control? That is who will hold on and dominate whatever is left of this market, and then grow it back up against the mobile horde.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 5th, 2013, 6:34 pm
by darkrage61
Several Kinnect titles sold pretty well, and it's a good option for families so I would hardly call that "worthless", Xbox TV admittedly does not appeal to me, but there are some people who do like that idea, so you never know.  Microsoft dosen't have to wait for Nintendo to do anything, Rare's output has been pretty good, so if you're expecting people to agree with you based on that alone, then you're going to be very dissapointed.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 8:18 am
by Sut1

Looks like Sony's 'safe seat' in Japan is assured.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 1:28 pm
by darkrage61
No surprise there, Microsoft has never been big in Japan.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 4:45 pm
by Atarifever1
[QUOTE=darkrage6]No surprise there, Microsoft has never been big in Japan.[/QUOTE]

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 6:26 pm
by Irenicus1
The Xbone requires an update out of the box. Sounds innocent enough, just an update right? Update? That will require an internet connection won't it? So the Xbone requires an internet connection to work.

Ahhhhh. That opens up a lot of doors doesn't it? The Xbone will require the internet to work from day one. The supposed "saving grace" is that it won't require the internet after that, but it will be established that the Xbone did indeed require the internet from the start. That's a big deal. This allows Micro$oft to, at any point, change their policies about internet requirements with the Xbone. Micro$oft change their policies? They don't have a track record for changing policies abruptly.... do they? The answer is YES, yes sir they do. Six months from now it would be very easy for them to start pushing "internet requirement" on the Xbone. They wouldn't even have to be as aggressive or obnoxious about it like they were at E3. By simply adding extra incentives for "registering games online", "playing a game of multiplayer" or "being a Gold member" they could make the offline experience feel very empty. Cutting important parts out of a game to then use as bait to get players online sounds like a good tactic. That's just some obvious examples. I'm sure the Micro$oft "team" are for more cunning and underhanded then what I can muster up in a post.

Don't like it? Too bad. If you buy an Xbone & then update it online which you will have to do then you've already essentially acknowledged that the Xbone requires internet service. This will be huge leverage Micro$oft will assuredly use in their favor.   

So what's in an update? The obvious answer is to make it so the console does not have to require internet service. Why doesn't Micro$oft fix all their machines so that they can just work properly right out of the box? Why force consumers to do this? I don't know.......maybe this "update" will also force consumers to register their products. So what could possibly be bad about registering? Well it may  record gamer profiles or IP addresses. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll buy a used Xbone and the system will be able to identify that you weren't the original owner. Sounds like a good way to create some additional fees to me.  

By buying an Xbone you're voting with your wallet that you want internet requirements. Internet requirements won't be used to protect buyer's purchases or rights to ownership. Internet requirements will be used to allow you the right to use a product.  

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 8:05 pm
by darkrage61

After the backlash MS received I think they're going to very careful about exactly how they approach this, so I highly doubt they'll resort to something as drastic as cutting out important parts of the game, though granted there is a chance they could lock out multiplayer for non-internet users.

PS4 / XBone polls and pre-order stats

Posted: October 6th, 2013, 11:09 pm
by weallmissedme1
Well, if it requires an update out of the box, it brings up a theory. What if they're just doing this to steal sonys' buck? Then they could change the policies back whenever! My goodness, I swear. I'm NEVER buying one of these godforsaken things! At least the Wii U worked out of the box!!!!!