Good downloadable content

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Good downloadable content

Postby ESauce » April 9th, 2016, 11:05 am

I know many of us here are very anti-digital, but I'm curious to hear any positive experiences with downloadable content (DLC).

Lately I haven't bought a lot of DLC. I don't stick with most online games long enough that I feel justified buying the DLC. I thought maybe I'd play Star Wars Battlefront long enough to consider buying the DLC, but I think I'm already burned out on that game. I'll probably be content occasionally jumping into a game on the maps I own. Sometimes I buy the definitive edition of games which have the DLC but frankly with the amount of time I usually have for games I usually am content if I can even beat the game and I rarely get back to the map backs. However, there are a few DLC experiences I can think of that I really enjoyed.

I played a ton of Halo 2 in high school so it was a no-brainer for me to buy all the map packs when they came out. Given how much time I spent with the game I was plenty happy with the amount of value I got out of them, and I remember at the time I would read about each map while they were being developed and was just filled with anticipation (probably Totinos pizza rolls too). I think I bought some maps for Halo Reach too. I wasn't quite as into that game but my wife and I played it enough that the map packs were still worth it for us.

The only recent DLC I bought is on Wii U. I played the heck out of Mario Kart 8 and I thought the DLC was a very good value. It was almost like Nintendo was intentionally pricing it lower than the industry standard to apologize for doing something they'd spent years saying they wouldn't do (then they made up for that by overpricing the Smash DLC but I'm not going to dwell on that here since I'm looking for positive DLC experiences). I was very happy with the new maps and racers in that game.

Just this last week I bought some DLC for Pikmin 3. I played the main game a while ago but I went back and played some of the missions earlier this week and really had a lot of fun. They were nice 8-15 minute times missions, so I could easily jump in and play one when I didn't have a lot of time. I think about 15 missions were free then there are two $2 packs of 4 missions and one $5 pack of 8 missions on new levels. I picked them up and I think they're priced right and am perfectly happy with that purchase.

So what have other people bought? I've considered getting the DLC for Arkham Knight because I love that game but the DLC didn't get great impressions. Has anyone here played that? Also when I inevitably get a PS4 I'm sure I'll pick up the Last of Us Remastered so if anyone has impressions of the DLC in that game I'd love to hear it.

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Re: Good downloadable content

Postby ESauce » April 13th, 2016, 12:41 am

Oh, I just realized I forgot where I spent the most money on DLC: music games. I probably bought over $50 in rock band downloadable tracks, not even counting buying ACDC rock band which was essentially just a DLC track pack in disc form.

I've considered buying tracks for Rockband Unplugged (PSP) but the cost seemed too high for those tracks. I feel like new ones should have been $1 on PSP. I'd like to see some tracks released for the new amplitude (PS3/PS4) but that doesn't seem likely.

And I've purchase some tracks in Rocksmith and once I get my guitar setup again I'll get back to that game and I may purchase some more. They're more expensive than the Rock Band tracks but it's just too much fun to play on a real guitar so I can't resist buying some of my favorite songs.

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Re: Good downloadable content

Postby tortimer » September 3rd, 2016, 12:11 pm

DLC or "Expansion Packs" as they were called have always been one of those wobbly aspects of the gaming world. The notion itself is solid, but then there's that lingering temptation to design for it up-front (now we have the groundwork for IAPs). But when done right additional content at a fair price is a win win.

Back in the day Valve was making good use of this model with Half-Life (of course you bought a CD in a box at Electronic's Botique after spending time talking to the employees who certainly had their finger on the pulse of things). I recall the "Rush Hour" expansion for Sim City 4, which I think was a pretty good deal but then a few years later it was the Sims/Sims 2 where things started to look a bit... I don't know quite the best way to put it but one might have wondered about the value ratio of those expansions.

Now that we're talking about good experiences with DLC I can think of a few. I bought the Mario Golf course pack for 3DS and those were pretty good value and, importantly, didn't feel like they really should have been there in the first place. From an observer standpoint I sense that the way Nintendo handled Mario Kart 8 was in line with the true spirit of the model (but let us not forget the lingering temptation and these are publicly-traded companies). Another one is Don't Starve. Such a fantastic experience all around and I'm pleasantly surprised almost at how well they've treated their player base with regard to pricing and the later expansions.

Then you have games like Terraria, another recent (digital only) purchase for 3DS, and you start to realize there's this new breed of game where it seems like it will be in perpetual development (there is surely a term for this by now that eludes me at the moment) and then you have to evaluate it on the merits of stability and cost of entry and please oh please don't ruin the whole thing by bloating it to death with new features and content. This particular example has been a mixed bag but that's another topic.

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Re: Good downloadable content

Postby Tron » September 3rd, 2016, 8:36 pm

I enjoyed the DLC on Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas.

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