Looks like its time for Telltale/Select Indie/Japanese Dev games to give up on PS3/Xbox 360/3DS/PS Vita now!

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Re: Apologies

Postby scotland » September 6th, 2016, 8:29 am

Sut wrote: We don't all have to agree on everything, but once everyone has had their say there is no need keep trying to reinforce your opinion if the thread isn't flowing...We are always open to a debate Sonicx9.

Well said, my friend.

This is a small community. We get to know each of our particular passions. For instance, if someone thinks a particular game or console (or an entire company) is underrated or overrated, that's a fun debate - but there is no reason to keep bringing it up. You don't have to apologize for having an opinion, but if you have a minority opinion, and there are solid reasons most people feel otherwise, understand that your opinion is going to start getting pushback or just be met with silence instead of rehashing it.

Its also a focused community. If you want to debate the merits of a Sega Master System game, the best games on the N64, or why the PS2 rocks...this is the place. The community is built around Dave's reviews, and that is what he reviews. If you want to talk in depth about the latest AAA FPS like Overwatch, or violence in video games, or why healers are always female, or how to repair a Sega Nomad, or the best games of the Commodore Amiga, or regionalization of games or all sorts of other things, this community is unlikely to satisfy you in those discussions. Those are good video game discussions, and its terrific to be interested in lots of aspects of our hobby beyond just playing the games. Those questions or insights might even spark some debate here, but there is no guarantee you will get any reaction at all.

I've made lots of posts or threads that go nowhere here. If someone here has an opinion on it, that's great because I understand a bit about from whom the opinion is coming from. If no one responds, I can just try to bring that conversation to another place on the internet without having any bad feelings about not belonging to this community or something.

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