Resident Evil 6 (PS4)

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Resident Evil 6 (PS4)

Postby Tron » July 17th, 2016, 8:01 pm

With all the critic hate I passed on RE 6 for the last gen. I was thinking of picking it up & then the remaster for the PS4 came out. For $20 alright let's give it atry.

Game sux! You get stuck with a partner that won't listen or die. The game lets you voice commands to the partner. I tell her to stay. She says ok and then follows me anyway. A game that gives you the option to voice commands & then just have it ignored is obnoxious.

So a zombie plods forward. Ok, let's see this woman fight. She runs away. I run behind her and then she runs behind me. Finally I decide to at least shoot the zombies legs to slow him down and then my partner finishes him off. No no no. You were supposed to attack earlier. Now he's mine!

So I see a zombie on the floor. I stab and shoot at him. Nothing. No reaction. Ok, he's already dead. I move forward and then sometime later retreat back to the room the zombie decor is at. This time he lunged at me & knocks me down. Wtf! I just stabbed the heck out of this zombie and now he's a threat?

So I open a door a zombie lunges at me before I can do anything. Wow that was a cheap hit. Reload & ready for the zombie. I get a shot in his head, but still he takes me down to the ground. My female punches me in the chest. I'm thinking that was supposed to happen, like it was unavoidable getting taken down by the zombie.

So with all that I quit playing. Too many strikes against it at this point. Hopefully RE 4 on the PS 4 is just as good as it was on the old consoles.

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