Other game review sites suck

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Other game review sites suck

Postby Tron » October 3rd, 2016, 11:12 pm

I go to gameinformer, gamespot and ign. They all suck. The reviews read like what you would expect to find on the back of the box. Often it is Little tidbits of info that had already been revealed before in other articles months ago. Sometimes it doesn't even sound like they played the game. They just list some of the game modes and gameplay.

For example Xcom 2 just came out on consoles. It has been out for about a year on pc. Guess what I want to know? If you guessed that what I and most readers will want to know is how is the console game different from the pc game then you guessed right. Guess what isn't mentioned in any of the reviews? The graphics are different. No kidding, of course they are. What about the game modes, options and modding? Good luck finding that out.

The NBA 2k17 reviews read all the same. It's like 2k sent them a pamphlet about the game and the reviewers all just copied and pasted what 2k had sent them. Actually the best review was from Forbes of all places. They actually mentioned the career mode and create-a-player options. The only review I found that did.

The old magazine articles of yesteryear were so much better. Now everyone just posts whatever on the Internet as fast and as haphazardly as possible. It'll all be forgotten in a week or two anyways. On to the next big gaming news.

The Critic feels like one of the last reviewers that actually plays the games. Thanks Critic.

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Re: Other game review sites suck

Postby CharlieR » October 4th, 2016, 9:46 am

I know when I go to youtube to find a video review of, I usually look for a user review first. When I do happen to check out a video review from IGN, for example, I'm usually left with an unclear idea if the game is good or not. IGN and other video game sites seem to do a lot of "beating around the bush" in my opinion. Excuse the reference, but it just seems to me like they don't show a whole lot of gameplay. They seem to go for a more cinematic "feel" to the review.

That also goes for text reviews. Much like the critic, who might include personal stories and light-hearted comments, I'd like to hear from people I might play a game with. Critic reviews are fun. I was reading over a review of a Scooby doo game in his Halloween special, and he said the graphics look like "doggy-doo." you probably won't see that one a professional review site.

So, I just think if you are really looking for a real feel for the gameplay of a game, you should check out other user reviews on youtube.

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