So I finally purchased a Wii U. . .

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Re: So I finally purchased a Wii U. . .

Postby MoarRipter » February 20th, 2017, 12:17 am

The Nintendo online store can be a good place to find Wii U accessories as well. Over the holidays I got the Balance Board & Wii Fit U for $25 and the official Gamepad accessory kit for $6. The accessory kit includes a screen protector, a fat blue stylus and blue cleaning cloth. It's a really great deal for what you get and the screen protector quality is top notch, it's far far better than the garbage HORI one I had previously bought from eBay for $6. I couldn't get the HORI one applied without dozens of bubbles and couldn't get them out. Even no matter how many times I applied it it left a huge bubble the length of the screen along the top edge that could not be removed no matter how much I worked it, not to mention the smaller ones. This official one went on essentially with no bubbles at all, the remaining tiny ones were easy to squeeze out, and they even provided pads to clear off dust in case it needed applied again and got a little dirty. I'm thinking of buying another one of those accessory kits for the Switch since they use the same size screens. It's probably a better quality screen protector than most of the garbage out there selling for the Switch that cost twice as much or more. ... d=cat10012

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Re: So I finally purchased a Wii U. . .

Postby Rookie1 » February 20th, 2017, 7:24 am

ptdebate wrote:Atariboy,

I too have been watching game prices like a hawk. I'm thinking any day now retailers are going to try to liquidate their Wii U stocks to make room for the Switch. Hoping to get at least $10-$20 off of titles I don't own. Sometimes 3rd party titles can be picked up for cheap at places like Target and Wal Mart.

I still see Wii games at my local Walmart for $49.99 so I wouldnt hold your breath. As a rule, 1st party Nintendo titles never go down in price until they hit "Select" status.

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Re: So I finally purchased a Wii U. . .

Postby Rev » February 20th, 2017, 11:33 am

I'm hoping so... Really I'm just missing paper Mario for first party titles... I don't think those titles will drop that much but third party titles probably will.

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