Major problem with Metal Slug 3 on Switch

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Major problem with Metal Slug 3 on Switch

Postby eneuman96 » March 17th, 2017, 12:53 am

(I don't know if this glitch affects the other Neo Geo games currently available on Switch, but it's a doozy)

You can't unpause this game in certain modes. Seriously.

In "Hi-Score Mode" and "Caravan Mode," pressing the Plus or Minus button brings up a pause menu as expected...but you can't unpause the menu away. Pressing the same button again does nothing, and none of the other buttons take you out of the menu either. Since there isn't an option in the menu to resume the game, your only alternatives will force you to restart the game entirely no matter what you choose. How in holy hell do you overlook an issue like this while porting a game?

This port of Metal Slug 3 in general is bizarre. There's nothing wrong with the emulation of the game itself (at least after a patch that fixed color issues afflicting all of the Neo Geo games for some reason), not to mention the amount of customization available is commendable, but the emulation interface around the game is sloppy in ways no port of a classic game has any right to be in this day and age. There's a disturbing amount of lag whenever you select certain things in the menus as well as when you attempt to use rapid-fire, and this issue with not being able to unpause in some cases is the icing on the problems cake.

To quote a certain video game nerd of the angry persuasion, "What were they thinking?"

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