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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 announced only for PC/8th/Gen Consoles save for Wii U and Switch recently!

Posted: June 11th, 2017, 4:16 pm
by Sonicx9 ... r_Heroes_2

But the 1 million dolor question, will it use a brand new engine made with the higher standards consoles/PC to fix the infamous jankiness issues that have been around with the TT Games Lego games sense the PS2 era when they started? Or is it still using the outdated PS2 era engine just like how the Call of Duty series still uses the outdated Quake 3 engine from 1999 to this day and age even with the PS3/Xbox 360 not being involved in the the picture starting with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!:

I would like to here the critic/others thoughts on this because the critic did admit the outdated PS2 era engine was showing its age in 2015 with the Lego Jurassic World review.: But keep in note that game was on the PS3/Xbox 360 along with the slightly different 3DS/PS Vita versions because they wanted the game to work with everything. But now that the PS3/Xbox 360 along with the 3DS/PS Vita are out of the picture. And even the Wii U to a lesser degree (Yes, I know the Wii U can do more then the PS3/Xbox 360 in the right hands, but the system was infamous for being difficult to program just like the Sega Saturn was from back in the day, so the only games that really pushed it where exclusives/multiplatform games made with the highest standards which where not too many of them.) Things could potently change for once now that the older/less powerful consoles are out of the picture, so things could now get better?