Consoles Sales are doing great

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Consoles Sales are doing great

Postby scotland » November 3rd, 2017, 8:45 am

Video game consoles are selling great

We have seen the arcades fall away, and given all the alternative ways to game such as PC and mobile devices, and shifting gaming interests like Facebook games, consoles were thought to be a fading away idea.

Not so fast. All three major console makers are doing well this year.

This resurgence may be at a cost we all don't like. The shift to games as a service, with online multiplayer as the core, for instance. Yet, as Dave recently wrote, the Switch is becoming the go to alternative product that has a different focus.

Sony reported selling 4.2 million PS4 units just last quarter, for a total of 67.5 million in 4 years.

Microsoft Xbox1 sales are not as great as the PS4, totaling only 31 million or so. However, its still very respectable, and they have a new Xbox One X about to launch. They are also the one company with a foot in both PC and console camps.

Nintendo is having a red letter year. They expect to sell 14 million Switch units in its debut year, and has 2 celebrated games on it. Nintendo also has feet in handheld and mobile gaming.

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