Modern Full Price $60 Video Games with YouTube style ads that are unskippable!

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Re: Modern Full Price $60 Video Games with YouTube style ads that are unskippable!

Postby Sonicx9 » August 24th, 2019, 12:33 pm

ThePixelatedGenocide wrote:On the other hand, they save money by licensing pre-existing engines.

They could also budget better by reusing more sets, props, costumes and polygon models (as if they were real actors, items, and locations), and hiring unknowns for their voice/motion capture cast. We're at the point where textures and polygon counts aren't much of a problem anymore, so it shouldn't be difficult to future proof them.

This focus on the long term would also allow/force AAA studios to be more creative with their stories, art direction, and game design, instead of redoing the same few gameplay loops over and over again, except with new stock characters and settings.

They'd also deal with a lot less problems if they rewarded their best employees, instead of treating them like cattle and acting surprised when they lose them. The useful time lost by replacing them as fast as possible is far more expensive in the long run.

They also need to give their employees more quality of life time between their work, so they can think more clearly. The only reason that doesn't happen, is because the executives are overgrown children who confuse abuse with executive decision making.

As it is, I have no sympathy for the game industry. They've brought this on themselves.

Many great points on why the industry is the way it currently is.

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