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Password nonsense

Postby Atariboy » August 16th, 2020, 8:32 pm

A while back my Xbox Live account was broken into from an IP address in the Middle East. Luckily no credit card was tied to it so they weren't able to do much. I reset my password and forgot about it until now.

Tonight though I'm in the mood for some 360 games that aren't Xbox One compatible and fired my Xbox 360 up. Says it needs me to enter my e-mail and password (I apparently haven't played the 360 since my account break-in). I do so but I thought I didn't see an asterix appear for the last letter in my password. I redo it from scratch as I carefully watch and sure enough, the 17th character isn't getting inputted.

I hit log-in anyways, not expecting it to work with a partial password. As expected, it didn't and I go searching for answers. Apparently the Xbox 360 only allows 16 or less characters for Xbox Live passwords, but Microsoft on my PC or Xbox One (I forget which) encouraged a long password and let my reset my Xbox Live password to this one.

Not usually one to complain about online integration and such, but this one is annoying me.

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