What are some good modern 2D puzzle platformers (switch)

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What are some good modern 2D puzzle platformers (switch)

Postby Voor » December 22nd, 2020, 9:32 am

I’m getting older, which means I’m pickier about what I spend my time on, and I’ve come to realize that I primarily enjoy two genres: arcade racing and 2D puzzle platformers. The racing for when I want a thrill, and the puzzle platformers for when I want to think. I like them a lot because they move at your own pace and progression feels rewarding.

That said, I’m going to get me a little collection going. This is what I’m thinking so far, let me know if I’m missing some:

-Oddworld new and tasty
-inside & limbo
-unravel 1 & 2
-another world
-eternal castle
-boxboy & boxgirl

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Re: What are some good modern 2D puzzle platformers (switch)

Postby DrLitch » December 22nd, 2020, 11:43 am

Most titles on Switch and those that are not are due for release (but are currently available on Steam or PS4/Xbox).

2D puzzlers (or action platformers featuring strong puzzle solving):
- Black The Fall (similar in style to Inside but harder puzzles, I love this game, A-)
- Projection: First Light (Clearly influenced by Limbo but a better game IMO, B+)
- Braid (I played only 30mins before boredom, has a fanbase though)
- Fez (I have to applaud it's originality, B-)
- Trine 1,2,3,4 (Artistic RPG like D&D sidescroller but has puzzle elements, B- to A-)
- VVVVVV (worst name ever but very 8bit computer/DOS game like, B)
- A Boy and His Blob (remake of old 8 bit title, never was a fan but there are people that love it)
- Nihilumbra (B, but not a game suited to controller - mouse keyboard instead)
- The Fall 1, 2 (B, but more suited to PC mouse keyboard set up)
- Forgotton Anne (not as puzzle based as rest but falls on spectrum, love it or hate it title. Too juvenile for me)

3D puzzlers:
- Hellblade Senua's Sacrafice (puzzle adventure title that is narrative driven with some hack n slash action sequences)
- Witness (One of the best games ever developed in this genre)
- The Talos Principle (Extremely challenging puzzler)
- The Turing Test (First Person Puzzler, good)
- Rime (Quite good but the Switch port is mediocre graphically)
- Little Nightmares (Good)

Voor wrote:-gris

This is a hard game to like. Graphics and whole AV front are beautiful. Gameplay - like a 2D version of Journey, nothing really to do in this game.

Voor wrote:-flashback

Amazing game just do not get the remake. The original as released on Switch is the version you want and it is one of the best games of this type ever made IMO. Another World is similar to Flashback but nowhere near as good IMO.

Voor wrote:-inside & limbo

I just did not get Limbo, puzzles were easy and blah but the game atmosphere and visuals were very captivating. Probably worth playing but I think way overrated.

Inside on the other hand is definitely a better game and the puzzles were quite interesting. The ending, LOL, cannot explain or understand it, you will see what I mean when you play it.

Voor wrote:-Oddworld new and tasty
-eternal castle
-boxboy & boxgirl

eternal castle is a good game that harkens to 8 bit styling. Definitely worth a play. boxboy & boxgirl I got bored of it but there are plenty of folks that love it. Oddworld new and tasty is well worth playing.

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Re: What are some good modern 2D puzzle platformers (switch)

Postby Retro STrife » December 22nd, 2020, 2:06 pm

First off, I'd highly recommend checking out Journey on the PS3 or PS4. It's one of the finest indie games I've ever played, only takes 3-4 hours to beat, costs under $10, and rightfully makes it on many "best game ever" lists. It's technically classified as an adventure game, and it is a 3D game, but I think it fits in very well with the style of game you're looking for. If you do play it, I recommend trying to pick a night when you can beat it in one sitting.

As for the games you list, I've beat Limbo and Inside and I personally think they're both overrated. Inside kept me interested longer, but after all the hype, I was ultimately disappointed with it. That's not to say either is a bad game - but they just didn't meet the high expectations I had coming into them. I've also played Another World. I first played it on SNES about a decade ago, and was extremely impressed by it. Its flaws really show by today's standards, but it's still a quality game worth experiencing. There is also a remade version on modern consoles (I've played the PS4 version), and I believe it includes the original and updated versions.

EDIT: Also, I just noticed in your title that you were looking for Switch games. My bad. So the Journey recommendation might not work, as it's a Sony exclusive, but keep it in mind if you have PS3 or PS4.

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