Nintendo Switch Sports?

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Nintendo Switch Sports?

Postby VideoGameCritic » May 19th, 2022, 10:01 pm

Anybody played this one? I'm on the fence about it.

I loved Wii Sports but hear this is not as good.

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Re: Nintendo Switch Sports?

Postby Voor » May 20th, 2022, 11:37 am

I played it for about a week and feel that it’s just as fun as the Wii one…’s just that it’s not the novelty it once was. I think it has a better selection of games, see below, and the improved graphics make you realize just how comical the Wii’s basic block figures were.

Bowling—better. Being able to bowl at the same time is a big plus, and the “special” mode is a lot of fun. Online battle mode is supposed to be fun but I didn’t try it.

Badminton—better than you’d think. Like a faster tennis. We liked it, but only for short games. It’s intense.

Tennis—essentially the same as Wii

Volleyball—-mixed. I like the different actions a lot and the fact you have some control over moving your character, but I struggled with the timing. Though I think I would have gotten better eventually.

Chubara—it works OK, but despite the limitations, it’s a lot of fun.

Soccer—basically a slow version of Rocket League. 3v3 games are a bore because the field is too big. 1v1 is much better. One thing, you need at least 2 joycons each to play. Not of fun with the right people.

In the end, it’s like Wii Sports—a GREAT PARTY game best played in short sessions.

I hear golf is retuning as a DLC at some point soon.

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