Smart tv issue

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Smart tv issue

Postby Truthfulpietro » September 18th, 2022, 3:13 pm

Hi guys

My parents decided to get me a smart tv to replace my current one. I like to watch stuff on tv but my current one doesn’t have a signal. So my parents opted to get me a smart tv to have it connect to the internet.

Unfortunately my old tv was connected to my PS2, Xbox 360 and Xbox one and Xbox series S and my new tv has only one cable slot.

This means I may be able to connect at least my Xbox S to my new tv but not my other consoles.

I was hoping to replace my old tv but my mum says that the newer tvs don’t have the slots we used to have. I hope she’s wrong.

I was hoping anyone has any advice on the topic.

The best case scenario is two tvs in the house but I don’t want them sitting next to each other. My homes not that big.

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