Microsoft's Xbox Strategy?

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Re: Microsoft's Xbox Strategy?

Postby ActRaiser » February 23rd, 2024, 8:15 am

I would assume their strategy is to make more money while not completely undercutting traditional Xbox exclusives, which are Gears of War and Halo. Of course, they may in the short term slit their own throat to grow the pie a bit larger by making them multiplatform. If they do that then there's little need for an Xbox, if you can play all of their exclusives on a competitor's machine and get their exclusives as well.

I have a Series X. The only reason I picked it up was to speed up development of a custom map I was making in Forge for Halo Infinite. It's far quicker compared to the Xbox One and the game glitched less as a result. I rarely play anything else on it. You can create maps in Forge on a PC with mouse and keyboard but would need a beefier machine to do so. The Series X gives me the same performance capabilities and works fine with a controller.

Funny, I used to love RPGs and tons of other games but rarely take the time to play anything other than maybe a Nintendo game these days.

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Re: Microsoft's Xbox Strategy?

Postby Van Halbgott » February 23rd, 2024, 1:20 pm

Xbox is also being advertised as 'the next big thing' in video games, like the PS5.

Besides, both companies are starting to port their own games elsewhere to make even more money.

It's all part of the console wars for those two while Nintendo and now Atari are doing their own thing instead.

I have no compulsion to play the latest and greatest software and hardware.

Besides, I've had a Switch for years and always wanted to have an Atari...but that's another post.

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