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360 vs. PS3?! Lol...

Posted: November 17th, 2008, 3:44 pm
by Roperious1
Thought i'd pitch in.

I waited a little bit before I decided between the PS3 and the 360. I compared a few thing, hardware reliability, console functionality, console attractiveness and library of games.

I work in retail, at Futureshop- owned by Best-buy, for all those who live in the United States. I see both systems running side by side on comparable televisions, and do prefer the PS3's interface and graphics.

We've all heard the horror stories of the red ring of death, and working in retail, I've seen dozens of 360s malfunction, which led me naturally to the PS3. My PS3 is much more quiet than my friends 360's and, I appreciate things like the slot loading disk drive versus the pop-tray drives of the 360.

The lack of a standard hard drive among xbox skus was also a fear of mine (also that I can upgrade my hard drive using a standard laptop hard drive instead of buying an expensive/overpriced xbox specific drive). I much prefer installing portions of games to the hard drive. 7-10 min of install time is nothing for me to invest in a worthwhile game.

The blu-ray player, (which I thought would win over HD, and eventually did) was a great feature for my High-Def TV, but I considered it through the optics of a gamer, Blu-Ray has a greater potential for larger games than the format of the xbox.

All of my electronics are black. I like black, the PS3 is black (Piano black mmm). It attracts dust like a mo-fo, but I can live with that!

Another critical point for me was the lack of built in wireless on the 360. I want to game online. My internet connection comes in the basement. My big screen is on the 1st floor. Instead of running a cable up the stairs, or drilling a hole in the floor, I could use my pre-existing wireless router to game online. (also I don't have to pay for online gaming, and the services provided by sony have either matched, surpassed, or will soon surpass what is offered my microsoft)

Lastly the games. I knew the 360 was out a year ahead of the PS3. Developers had more time to learn the system, work with the dev kits, and devote resources to mastering creating games for the system. The early PS3 games had a great many expectations to live up to, and they suffered from many (although games like motor storm and resistance showed how great launch titles should be) graphical and framerate hitches, I am confident when I say that today my gaming experiences are either on par, or better than that on the 360.

Yes, exclusives, the 360 has more, they've also been out for a year longer, valuable time for a company to gain support and confidence of the developers. The 360- for me personally- has four exclusives that I want, Left 4 dead, gears 1 + 2 and Dead Rising. That's it. Not enough for me to justify the purchase.

Needless to say, I purchased a 60GB PS3 in June of 2007, and currently own 30 titles. I would recommend the Playstation 3 to any prospective consumers.

360 vs. PS3?! Lol...

Posted: November 17th, 2008, 4:56 pm
by andrew
Those are some good points Roperious though the black color (which the elite has) and wireless gaming are non important to most for those like myself who own decent routers for internet use but aren't good enough for wireless gaming.

Still, I would see myself getting a PS3 as well if I had to choose. I just need $2000 dollars. Anyone feeling generous for the holidays?

Steel your arguments are pretty weak. Considering the PS3 is to have a longer lifecycle than the 360, your savings argument falls apart. In addition, an 80gb PS3 is really $200 if you consider blu-ray players cost $200. So it's like an xbox360 arcade with an ample hard drive and better reliability. Blu-Ray taking over as hyped by the media is greatly exaggerated (at least 5 years away imo from coming close to dvd sales)  but it you have a HDTV which of course a 360 or PS3 owner would have, Blu-Ray is the way to go for films.

360 vs. PS3?! Lol...

Posted: November 17th, 2008, 9:38 pm
by James1

Roperious Left 4 Dead isnt an exclusive it is also on the PC.

360 vs. PS3?! Lol...

Posted: November 17th, 2008, 11:23 pm
by Roperious1
Ah, the Elite has a mat black finish, I prefer the piano (glossy) finish- like my black ds. I like my electronics to be black haha. When I first started working at Futureshop in 2004, all the of televisions were silver (ick!), now they're all back to black, which looks classier than silver- which looks cheap I think. I have a black psp, ds, ipod, tv etc etc.

Also, I didn't want to make it seem like it was impossible to get wireless for the 360, you can purchase a wireless adapter for $89.99. But tack that onto a price of a core, and it's ridiculous.

Another point, I have a bottom of the line D-link wireless router, and play online in over 15 titles, and never experience any problems what-so-ever.

Another issue people have with the Updates. I take a much different perspective;

My experience with my playstation 3 has evolved drastically since June of 2007. I find that sony has stepped it up a notch to remain competitive, when the market seemed to cast doubt on their latest system.

From watching their press conferences at E3, I saw a different Sony, one that while still confident, was humbled and appealed to gamers of all sorts to return to the fold . The constant updates continue to improve my gaming experience, with little things like automatic controller powerdown, blu-ray players updates and much much more.

Many take issue with the slow start Sony had to this generation, I won't argue with the basic idea that they got a few key things wrong. But I cannot fault them for their response to the criticism. They have re-vamped their store, offered rumble in their controllers, dropped their price, offered more value for their skus, constantly refined their OS and software. In my opinion, the updates let me know that 1) Sony cares, 2) Sony is working hard for ME, the gamer.

I feel like I did with the PS1, that Sony is working for my business as a gamer, and as a consumer, and it's a good feeling.

360 vs. PS3?! Lol...

Posted: November 17th, 2008, 11:25 pm
by Roperious1
Thanks James, I have a steam account and have been playing the demo the last few days. I've turned away from PC gaming these past few years. Save for Starcraft and a few others, I rarely play on my PC. I've been into building up my Saturn collection these past 6 months.