My curious Wii problem (dont woory not about discharges)

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My curious Wii problem (dont woory not about discharges)

Postby steer » November 20th, 2008, 8:33 pm

My Wii Connect 24 does not work!

The irony of ironies, it takes a month to gewt someone to share wii music vids with and now I cant even register their name! Forcast channel kaput, same with news channel, however :

1. I was able to update my wii to version 3.whatever today

2. browser works fine

3. Bought Mario 64 on VC.

So go figure. I called the nice folks on Wii Hotline and they said my error codes means send your machine in. Oh goody, at least it is under warranty, but I reckon I will wait a while, I am having fun playing games right now, and most of my other machines and 80 % of my games are out on loan and I have sold and given away my entire DS collection save for 2 games!!!

Agghghhhh! Ticky Tacky current gen consoles!

Sorry snakeboy, I cant even register your name. Lame out of 10 I know, I will let you know when I get this fixed!

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My curious Wii problem (dont woory not about discharges)

Postby snakeboy1 » November 20th, 2008, 10:18 pm

Hmm, that sucks.

One time I got an error code when trying to do something online (I think I was trying to connect to the Wii Shop Channel), but then I tried it later, and everything worked fine. So maybe if you try again later on, it will work. Or maybe not. But I would just try again before you go through the process of sending it in for repair.

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