System of the year

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System of the year

Postby Viper821 » December 9th, 2008, 12:57 pm

I have to hand it to my favorite: the PS3. They were the laughing stock of the industry at this time last year but they have done a great job righting the ship and are now neck and neck with the 360. I think they could still be doing much better than they are right now but kudos to Sony for not throwing in the towel this generation. 

Developers are getting better and better at programming for the PS3 and I can't wait to see what the next few years have in store.

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System of the year

Postby Edward1 » December 9th, 2008, 2:30 pm

I don't think Ive played enough of the games to say which one is the system of the year, so Ill just give my opinion on all of them.

Wii - I feel it was a letdown this year.    I did not like the Mario kart game, its controls felt off, especially if you used motion controls.   The new Smash bros was pretty much what I expected, but its single player was merely average.   Online options are terrible though.   Boom Blox is awesome though I will say it is the Wii game of the year, if not the game of the year on any system.      The new Wario game is a lot of fun.   I haven't tried Wii Music though, because of some bad reviews I read of it.

Xbox 360 -  The New Banjo, Viva Pinata, Fable II, and Gears of War 2.    I haven't played any of these games.   Ninja Gaiden 2 was awesome, but had some balancing issues.   It also got the better version of DMC 4, because it didn't require a 4 Gigabyte installation.   Xbox 360 had a great year, but I just haven't gotten around to playing its games.   I need to get to  the rental place and try out some of these games.

PSP- i haven't bought any new PSP games this year so I cant comment.

DS-  I really liked the new Nano Stray and Space invaders games.   No new big name Nintendo adventurers though like a New Super Mario Bros 2.   That's a shame.   There was a new castlevania that I had a lotta fun with, but had ridiculous difficulty.  I really wanna try out that Age of Empires Mythologies game.   Professor Layton is a unique and awesome game.   I would overall the DS had a decent year, but Nintendo needs to hurry up and announce new super Mario bros 2!

PS3-   The PS3 has started a horrible new trend this year.    Games requiring humongous installations. Little big planet is fun but hugely overrated.   MGS4 is a lotta fun. I haven't played resistance 2, but the PS3's lineup looks thin in comparison to the 360 this year again.

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