Swords and Soldiers Impressions

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Swords and Soldiers Impressions

Postby steer » June 9th, 2009, 9:27 pm

2-d, side scrolling real time strategy.  Cartoon graphics - nice vibe. Wimote alone, pointer function, the icons are right above the action, very convenient, works well.

Typical RTS elements, most notable difference is your soldiers advance forward in one direction -- no retreat, no pause, no surrender.  So basically you have to protect your base and your ‘gold-diggers’ and demolish the enemy base, or hold off a wave for set amount of time, etc. You have grunts, distance fighters, specialty fighters and balance weapon and digger production against developing and upgrading special weapons for the pointer : heal spells, poison spells, traps, super weapons, etc. Other than gold, there is another meter that fills like a timer, you must upgrade it to increase its speed. That works as time delay to balance you weapons and special abilities.

So it is your typical RPG level designs and goals, and finding the right strategy for the situation. 3 different races, Vikings, Chinese, Aztec, they have unique attributes and warriors of course. Has 2 player multiplayer, have not tried it, interesting to see how balanced the game is in that regard. Also there are a few challenges and a verses mode with the CPU over a handful of stages for extended play.

I am a 1/3 - ½ of the way through, and it has a nice learning curve. Teaches you how to use your units, and ramps up the difficulty after that. Took me a few turns to beat a couple of levels, but so far not super challenging - we shall see!  But it is fun and engaging, costs you $10 and about a 140 blocks.

I recommend, if you like RTS then I think you will be very happy with this game! Top tier Wiiware title, in my opinion.

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