Some Quick Tiger Woods 10/ Motion Plus Impressions

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Some Quick Tiger Woods 10/ Motion Plus Impressions

Postby snakeboy1 » June 10th, 2009, 11:40 pm

I just got the Tiger Woods 10 Motion Plus bundle in the mail today. While I can't yet say if it's the best golf game ever, I think I can safely say that it does have the best control scheme ever. If you have ever played real golf, the controls are so intuitive, you will hardly need to go through any boring tutorials.

I've only played real golf a handful of times, and frankly, I'm terrible, so I really expected to absolutely suck at this game. However, that hasn't really been the case. The first full round that I played, I shot a respectable 2-over par. Not bad!

Hitting good shots are extremely satisfying, much more so than a couple of well-timed button pushes. Driving the ball with both power and accuracy is challenging. Adding draw or fade is easily done by twisting the Wii remote. Putting can be tricky, but only because it's so realistic and not because of a poorly designed control scheme. When you play poorly, you only have yourself to blame.

And if regular golf isn't enough for you, there is also the excellent disc golf mode, and I think I like it just as much! Once again, the controls work very well and are easy to learn, yet it is quite challenging. In fact so far I'm pretty bad at disc golf, but I love it! Man, it's addictive. There's also a putt-putt mode, which I've only tinkered with a little so far and seemed pretty tough, yet fun.

So far I think I can safely say that if you like golf, or even just golf games, at all, you should definitely consider this game. If you're a golf nut, buying this is a no-brainer.

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