Bit Trip : Core Impressions

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Bit Trip : Core Impressions

Postby steer » July 8th, 2009, 8:44 pm

Bit Trip Core is the 2nd game in the Bit Trip series : Wiiware.

It has a lot in common with the first game, which was a paddlebased rythm/memorization/reaction game, blocking pixel bits that come at you in preset patterns in time with the unique electronic score.

But now you are at the core (center) of the game screen, and immobile. The d-pad acts as your trigger, you 'arm' your cannon up down left or right, and push 'a' to fire a beam of energy that destroys pixels when they pass through the lines of your cross.

This game is harder than Bit Trip Beat because all of those pixels came from right and went left. Now you have more to watch, they come from 4 directions, and once a pixels strays past your beam path it is gone, a miss. There is a lot to watch, and if you screw up your timing, it is hard to get back on track. It moves fast and the pixels are programmed to mess with your mind. Identifying patterns is a must.

The interface is improved, displaying which 'phase' you are at in the level at all times, so you know how close you are to the end. Also you can power up a bomb meter which gives you a super weapon to save you are in dire straits, because like Bit Trip Beat, 'no miss' combos power you up to a higher scoring board and too many misses drop you down, eventually to nether land, and failing that, death. 

This is no pick up and play game, you have to want to crawl in and commit to it, or you will never make progress. It is addicting however, and has a great retro-modern vibe. But it is very tough. A two player mode makes life easier, you play cooperatively witht he same 'core', cutting the territory you have to cover in half.

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