Next Iconic Wii Franchise Revealed.....

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Next Iconic Wii Franchise Revealed.....

Postby steer » July 9th, 2009, 9:14 am

It's Wuhu Island! (THe Island on Wii Fit/Wii Sports Resort!)

interview :

Excerts :

Miyamoto:That’s right. But I’ve always thought, seeing as we are a games company, that in addition to characters resembling people, why couldn’t we also turn the actual stages of games into characters?

Miyamoto:You could have adventure games, role-playing games, city-building simulation games... It will be fun to see all the ideas that we can come up with, won’t it?

Miyamoto:We thought it would be a fun idea to have a location that everyone knows and then have all sorts of stuff going on there. It would mean that players would already know the town like the back of their hands by the time they came to buy the next adventure game. Everyone could play in a location they were familiar with which would truly turn it into a miniature garden.

Shimamura:Yes, they did. We received instructions such as: “Make it so it will become like a familiar street corner!”
Miyamoto:And things like “Make it so we can reclaim the land if we have to!”


Miyamoto:I’d like people who play this game to become very knowledgeable about Wuhu Island.
Iwata:Ah yes, the “Island Concept”.
Miyamoto:If you use this chance to get familiar with the island in advance, you’ll enjoy the next game even more! (laughs)

A whole series of games - this sounds highly creative. Maybe the next Zelda will be there????

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