Minecraft (PS4)

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Re: Minecraft (PS4)

Postby Voor » May 18th, 2020, 4:14 pm

My kid has been playing with friends online and they made their own games within the game—an Olympics of sort, lol. Plus, I think there are some premade mini-games already there, so they’ve had a good bit of fun with it. With COVID ruining play dates and sleepovers, I’m glad they have something like this as a platform for shared imagination.

I will say that I don’t mind them having it on. I really like the soundtrack, and the sound effects aren’t obnoxious at all.

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Re: Minecraft (PS4)

Postby Retro STrife » May 19th, 2020, 11:49 pm

I finally played Minecraft earlier this year. It's one of those games that's so gigantically popular -- it's the best selling video game of all time -- that I figured it's practically a must-play just for the sake of seeing what the fuss is all about and understanding it's place in pop culture. (i.e., kinda like saying "you have to see Star Wars even if you don't like those kind of movies"). So that's why I bought it, even though it's not my usual thing.

Anyway, I played the PS4 version and I played it online with my brother and his friend. Honestly, it was a huge help playing it with other people. The game is pretty confusing at first to learn how all the crafting works, so it really helped that they basically gave me a tutorial as we played along. And second, it was just a lot more fun hanging out with other people in the world, building a little homestead as a group, and then embarking off into a cave together to explore for loot. I played it a couple more times on my own after that too. I probably played for 10-15 hours total. I stopped at that point because the game doesn't have a real goal or point, so I didn't want to just dump more time into it.

It's a pretty cool little game and I had fun with it, but admittedly I'm surprised it's sold more copies than any game on earth.

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