The Conduit

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The Conduit

Postby Atarifever1 » February 22nd, 2015, 6:33 am

I've been playing a lot of couch multiplayer Halo (Anniversary and 3) with my best friend since moving home.  Not having an Xbox I have been trying to scratch the alien FPS itch with my Wii alternatives, and The Conduit isn't a bad substitute.  Anyway, I 100 percented this one a long time ago, and had forgotten how good it is.  

The thing I like the best is the way you start out in a typical older shooter (like Goldeneye) and then end up in Halo.  At first, it's just you as a secret agent in a suit shooting other guys in suits and riot gear.  You do a whole level and a half of that.  Then suddenly you're some guy in a suit shooting aliens.  It's something like an hour in before you get your power suit with Halo-like replenishing energy shields, which makes you feel pretty powerful thanks to that slow build.  

I also really like the conspiracy angle, complete with in game radio broadcasts from conspiracy nuts (who turn out to be kind of right), that you can listen through on various tuneable radios you find.  

It's funny, because I also played through Conduit 2, which I also liked, but which went a totally different route.  Your suit gets way upgraded early on to look like Master Chief, the character goes from being a kind of soft spoken TV cop to being voiced as Duke Nukem (literally, it is that voice with that voice actor), and the whole thing feels a lot more generic sci-fi than X-Files.

Anyway, if you have a Wii, you really should pick both of these up.  Unfortunately, Nintendo shutting down wi-fi did shut the online down (unlike, say, COD MW3 Wii, which is still online last I heard), which was pretty good.   

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The Conduit

Postby Astrosmasher1 » February 25th, 2015, 1:29 am

Thanx for this.  I can see a FPS coming for my pals bd if I can find it.

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