Test Drive Offroad (PS1)

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Test Drive Offroad (PS1)

Postby Herschie1 » December 20th, 2014, 1:04 pm

They might as well have named this one "Test Drive Pop-up", because that's exactly what the game is. I remember once Critic said in a racing review (I believe it was Sonic & Sega's All-Star Racing for the 360) that running into walls is not fun. Well, that's pretty much all you do here. Due to the horrendous pop-up, you often can't see where you're supposed to be going. You'll be driving along on a straightaway, when all the sudden, the road will veer off without warning, and you'll find yourself wondering how the heck you ended up in that corner.

I do like the nice set of vehicles you get, including a hummer, and a Jeep Wrangler (I myself drive one of these babies!). The graphics are blah, and the sound is decent. The actual racing part is fairly fun, and if it wasn't for the pop-up, this might be a nice enjoyable little game. 

But there is pop-up, and it's so bad that it makes this one of the worst racing games that I have ever played. 

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