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Iron and Blood/Killing Zone (PS1)

Posted: August 2nd, 2015, 4:13 pm
by VideoGameCritic
I'm reviewing a pair of 3D fighters for the PS1, and they aren't too hot.

As a point of reference I went back and playing Battle Arena Toshinden and Tekken. Wow. These are two great fighters. I think I might need to re-review them (and their iterations) since the original reviews are so short.

Re: Iron and Blood/Killing Zone (PS1)

Posted: August 6th, 2015, 4:27 pm
by Verm3
Killing Zone and Iron & Blood are arguably considered to be the worst beat em ups on PS1.

I recall an old PS1 mag's review index giving them 1% and 8% respectively, but I don't know if those were the scores in the original reviews.

That said, I do like the B-movie atmosphere of Killing Zone and Iron and Blood was apparently going to get a sequel on the canned 3DO2 console; there are a few videos of the game out there.

I look forward to the reviews of them and Toshinden and Tekken :) I'm a big fan of Toshinden myself.