Beetle Adventure Racing (N64)

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Beetle Adventure Racing (N64)

Postby Retrology » March 29th, 2016, 12:34 am

Just finished playing this timeless treasure again.

I've already described my feelings about this game in the past so I'll just say this: The game is pure arcade fun, loaded with shortcuts, secrets, and air, and boasts some of the greatest and most creative track design in racing game history (where else can you take a shortcut where you race a friggin train on train tracks?).

Simply put, if you have a working N64, you need Beetle Adventure Racing in your collection.

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Re: Beetle Adventure Racing (N64)

Postby SigSauerLover » March 29th, 2016, 12:42 pm

This was the first N64 game I owned. And it was crazy. The visuals were absolutely amazing. My only problem with the game, is the multiplayer is awful due to just how LARGE the tracks are, and the lack of CPU players. I wish they had just reduced the size of the maps, and added more. That would have helped.

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