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Forsaken 64

Posted: March 30th, 2016, 1:22 am
by Retrology
So this Descent-sequel game just arrived in the mail today, and it's on I've been excited to play because it's considered one of the 64's most underrated games/FPS'.

After a few hours playing, here are my thoughts. The graphics are solid, and the smooth frame rate and cool looking explosions make it satisfying to see an enemy. The weapons are sweet (my favorite is the homing Solaris), and the controls are surprisingly good.

The problem? The game's stages are horribly designed. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to go thanks to the maze structure that'll have you going around in circles. At times I have no idea if I'm attacking an enemy or standing near a powerup. It really would have been a difference maker had Acclaim put a map into the game, because you'll constantly hit switches and struggle to figure out what doors they open (as well as what is or isn't a door).

Also, who thought it was a great idea to save after every. Four. Stages? It's a horrible design choice that nearly ruins the game. I haven't tried the multiplayer with a friend yet, but it looks like a mess.

What saved Forsaken 64 for me was its cheat codes. I was able to access "one shot kills" for every enemy, and while it takes away the usefulness of certain items, it also makes the game more easy and fun to play. I do like how you can customize how many lives you have, the optional (but clumsy) 3rd person view, as well as the menacing techno soundtrack.

So far, Forsaken 64 plays decently with the cheat codes on, but I really wish the design choices were far better, because the developers had the right idea with this one. Too early to decide yet though.


Re: Forsaken 64

Posted: April 21st, 2017, 3:40 am
by Retrology
Playing this again, and after further review, I think it's a bad game. The maze like stages are awfully designed, you can't tell where you're supposed to go, the save system is god awful, and the chest system only lets you use one cheat.

But the worst part is starting up the game. It takes TWO MINUTES to start the game because you have to look at 8 logo screens first! And guess what: You can't skip them! That's right, you have to watch all these logo screens just to start the game. It's bad enough that there's games that have unskippable cutscenes. FORSAKEN 64 HAS LOGO SCREENS WHEN YOU START UP THE GAME THAT YOU CANNOT SKIP. Who play tested this, because they weren't done!

I don't get why people think this game is underrated. I kind of hate it and it's the least played N64 game in my collection for that reason.

Re: Forsaken 64

Posted: April 26th, 2017, 11:48 am
by brendand
multiplayer is awesome you can play with bots and still have a full screen ! not many n64 games have bots in multiplayer it multiplayer was awesome for its time ! it can get rather hectic too i didn't like the single player mode but i do return for bot battles every once in awhile due to how good it is for that