Resident Evil 4 PS4

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Resident Evil 4 PS4

Postby Tron » September 11th, 2016, 2:14 am

I'm loving it. The music has glitched a couple times, but no big deal. My only real complaint is that in the heat of action when I aim I sometimes get repositioned in the wrong direction. Sometimes I'm facing far left or right of my intended target. I never had that problem in the PS2 or Gamecube versions.

It's like playing this game with my glasses on on the PS4. Details like the names of the bullets are things I never was able to see clearly before. Red Hawk for handguns, a bear on shotguns, a jackal on TMP and so forth. The paintings on the walls still suck. Was hoping for some more clarity on them. When you go to the farm and check the wheelbarrow and it says something about a bunch of dead bodies. On the PS2 and Gamecube you can barely make out that the wheelbarrow even has bodies in it. On the Ps4 you can clearly see limbs. It's neat seeing little things that you couldn't see before.

I'm pretty happy with this remake. The graphics are clearer and better. Not sure they are really PS4 quality, but still a nice upgrade.

I've also been struggling a bit on this version. Not sure if it's harder or I'm just more immersed due to the graphics. I did get cocky and didn't upgrade my shotgun at all so some of the harder difficulty is my own fault. Can't wait for the Stryker.

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