Skyrim (PS3) Shovel Knight (WiiU)

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Skyrim (PS3) Shovel Knight (WiiU)

Postby Rookie1 » February 11th, 2017, 8:11 am

Skyrim PS3

I played Skyrim a few years ago, but never got in to it. I remember just stealing and killing everything I could ruining most of the progression, then the game kept glitching up and the long a$$ load times annoyed me to the point that I stopped playing and got rid of it.

Fast forward to now, and I picked up a brand new copy of the Legendary Edition for $5 on ebay. I dont know why, but I just got an itch to give it a try again. I guess I was just bored with GTA style run and guns. Anyways, to my surprise I am quite in to the game now. I have invested maybe 20 hours in to it and am really having fun. Heck, even my son likes watching me play it. The load times were killing me though, and a source of much frustration. However, I read somewhere that if you adjust some of the auto-save settings it significantly cuts down on the load times, and ill be damned if it didnt. I mean, its like a 75% different. Made the game infinitely more playable.

The one thing I will say about this is that the fights are SUPER uneven. I can slay a dragon now in a few swings of my blade, but then I run in to some bandit in bikini armor and she takes me out in one hit. I literally fought two dragons at the same time, killing them both single handed, then got killed by a wood nymph thing in less than 10 seconds that appeared when I was collecting the bones and scales. This happens a lot, and its annoying. I really dont get it either. I will hack away at someone, taking massive damage while I am at it, then when I finally kill them and look at their inventory they have a sword that does 8 damage and armor that is collectively 60ish points. It doesnt make any sense.

All-in-all I would say that I love it. I like exploring the massive world with an almost endless amount of things to discover. Its pretty amazing what they were able to do with this game if you ask me.

Shovel Knight WiiU

I have been wanting to play this since it has come out. Unfortunately, a physical release never happened on the PS3 and I have no interested in buying digital content. So, when I picked up a WiiU this was the first game I purchased. $15 brand new on eBay was well worth it. I am only 2 stages in, but can tell that this game is a winner. They really put a ton of effort in to this game. The little subtleties and nuances of the 8 & 16 bit era are flawlessly captured in each stage. I will be playing the heck out of this for quite some time.

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