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ZombieU (early impressions)

Posted: February 22nd, 2017, 10:56 am
by Rookie1
Picked this game up for $5 brand new off of eBay. I love zombie games so I figured this would be well worth the $5.

Well, I turned it on and was forced in to an update. Even without an internet connection it still forces this update and wont let you play without it. So, after updating start the game and get a hard crash right on the title screen. Reset my console, turned the game back on and get another crash, and another, and then another. WTH?

Did a google search and found tons of people with the same problem. Off to a good start. After reading through a dozen or so forums I found that I needed to change the language settings of the MiiVerse AND disconnect the WiFi. So I did this and get some kind of error code when I start up the game because the game tries to get you to collect your data for some reason and it cant because there is no internet. Once I got passed that, I was finally able to start the game up and play it for a few minutes.

So it drops you off in to instant action, which is generally a good thing, unfortunately the controls are unnatural compared to other FPS games. The Y-Axis is not inverted which screwed me all up, and I couldn't figure out how to run so I died in the first minute of the game. Turns out you have to push down L3 while using it to move, which feels clunky and hard to use. Once I got to safe space I was able to mess with a few controls settings and get things the way I want.

I couldnt seem to get over the movement though. It just feels really weird, like youre moving through a liquid or something. It feels like the movement is fighting you at first but then picks up momentum and wont stop. I dont know how to explain, just feels odd compared to other games. I had to adjust the sensitivity down to 35% just to have normal feeling movement, but then it was super slow.

So I went as far as finding your bug out bag (or BOB as they call it). I picked up the croquet mallet and had to bash in a zombies head to get the BOB. SoI pick it up, and then cant figure out how to use it. I push R1, which is the action button, but all that does is use the mallet to push. You have to hold down L1 and then push R1 to swing. It brings you to a complete halt to do it, and again, feels like its fighting you to get off a good swing.

I had to turn it off and tend to my son at this point, so that is just my feelings thus far. Hopefully I can get over the controls, but I just cant figure out why they deviated from the conventional scheme so much.

Re: ZombieU (early impressions)

Posted: March 9th, 2017, 10:04 am
by cicbcw
I hated all the exploding and riot gear zombies which were as common as regular zombies as well as the backtracking. Plus the lighting is horrible to say the least even when you're outdoors and its a hassle to recharge your flashlight.

Re: ZombieU (early impressions)

Posted: March 11th, 2017, 10:05 pm
by BlasteroidAli
I have it on the one. The conversion shows that the game was early in the cycle of the wii u as the graphics are too dark... also it is supposed to be London... but it is not