Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch)

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch)

Postby eneuman96 » April 18th, 2017, 11:02 pm

This is a remake of a game many Sega Master System owners consider to be a classic. The developers of this version clearly went out of the way to ensure this was a completely faithful recreation of the original game. The updated graphics are nothing short of gorgeous and are arguably much more charming than those of the original game (a rarity for remakes of classic games), and the remixed music is easily just as good.

That being said, the developers knew that some people are nostalgic for the original graphics and sound, and you're given the option to switch to them on a dime whenever you wish. Since graphics and sound are toggled separately, you can play with an interesting juxtaposition of updated visuals and 8-bit music or vice versa.

For the most part, this game is a 1:1 remake of the Master System version, to the point where you can use passwords from that version in this one, which is insane, although the remake also has an autosave feature. There are a few additions such as a difficulty select and the ability to play as "Wonder Girl" (at least when you're actually a human), but to my knowledge, the gameplay is otherwise exactly identical to the original.

From what I've played of this so far, I recommend it to both fans of the Master System version and newcomers. I'd personally love it if Lizardcube, the developer of this remake, used it as the framework for a brand new sequel. They're certainly talented enough to do so.

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Re: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch)

Postby Crummylion » April 19th, 2017, 10:48 am

I mainly bought it to support a company that put effort and passion in their work. The animation is stunning and the orchestra is wonderful. Though the remaster is so accurate, it hurts. I rven had to try an emulation of the original to compare, the major difference I found was the addition of the timed hard mode, interjection from shop characters "There are no other nurses here. I heal my own wounds" "Wow, with a face like yours, I'd be looking for an antidote.", and a hint system in the password room. The only reason to get it are the updated music/graphics and to play it on modern consoles *legally*. Other than that, you could get the original. I still recommend the remaster.
(Oh, and the gallery is awesome!)

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Re: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch)

Postby Herschie » November 24th, 2017, 2:41 pm

I'll have to check it out. One of my favorite video game tracks is the Final Dungeon from this on the Master System.

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