NHL All Star Hockey '95 (genesis)

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NHL All Star Hockey '95 (genesis)

Postby CharlieR » June 5th, 2017, 9:33 am

I think I’m starting to enjoy this game for what it is. NHL All Star Hockey ’95 is a Sega Sports branded game for the Genesis. This game plays like a poor man’s version of EA’s NHL series. For anyone who has played this game, I realize this shouldn’t be in the same conversation as the EA games. However, it has the same vertical scrolling style, and attempts to have the same gameplay style.

The first thing you’ll notice, other than the fact that the skaters don’t move about as freely as they do in the EA games, is that every shot is a slap shot. This makes scoring goals one on one difficult. I like to score by skating around the goal and firing a quick wrist shot in the EA games, but doing that in this game is tough because of the wind-up, I did manage to score one goal with a normal shot, but not often. I think you can score on a rebound, but you have to be quick.

The one-timer seems to be the best way to score, and without it, this game wouldn’t be too exciting. There also seems to be garbage goals where a player crashes into the net and somehow scores. I wish this game had instant replay because I’m constantly wondering, “how did that go in?”

This game is growing on me. It is decent for what it is when you give it a chance. It’s no NHL ’94, and really the only reason to play this over any EA NHL game on the genesis is if you are looking to try out a new hockey game.

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