Everybody's Golf and Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4)

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Everybody's Golf and Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4)

Postby David » August 31st, 2017, 2:18 pm

I love Hot Shots Golf/Everybody's Golf, and was anxiously awaiting this one while being skeptical about the new open world format and focus on online. My worries were erased pretty quickly. There's still the standard challenges, which is the meat of the game and where you earn new equipment for your created character. There's a hub world now which is how you get to the challenges, shop, and other various things, but it's easy to navigate. The two big mechanical differences are the three click system applies to putts now, whereas before you'd only set the direction and power, and when teeing up a shot you pick where you set the tee. Other than that, everything mechanically is the same. I believe three click is the only shot swing option, so if you used the advanced swing option for Out of Bounds or World Tour you're out of luck. So far though, I'm really enjoying having a new console Everybody's Golf game in about 10 years.

The other game I've been playing is the stand alone DLC for Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy. There's no Nathan Drake, instead you play as Chloe Frazer and are accompanied by Nadine Ross, one of the antagonists from Uncharted 4. I would say they took Uncharted 4's blueprint and just expanded upon that, so don't expect huge differences between the two. I really like playing as Chloe, and the banter between her and Nadine is unsurprisingly very, very good. It's nice to get away from Nate Drake for a while and hear someone else talk, as much as I like that character. I wouldn't be opposed if in the future they revist the Uncharted series, and have it star Chloe or Nadine and dump Drake, Sully, and Elena. It's also very meaty; I'm nearing the end and my game clock shows about 6 hours, and while I've done a decent amount of exploring this is very nearly a full, fleshed out Uncharted game.

All in all a couple more great PS4 exclusives to add onto the pile.

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Re: Everybody's Golf and Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4)

Postby Ozzybear » September 5th, 2017, 11:13 pm

I'm loving the uncharted lost legacy and hope this is a way they can move this series forward with these characters and new adventures ! Ozzy

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Re: Everybody's Golf and Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4)

Postby VideoGameCritic » September 6th, 2017, 6:41 pm

I'm really looking forward to picking up Everybody's Golf. I just wished I would have picked it up at the beginning of summer instead of the end!

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