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Hellblade: Senuau's Sacrifice (PC and PS4)

Posted: October 20th, 2017, 12:01 am
by Crummylion
(Disclaimer: this game is only distributed through online stores only on PS4 and PC. I also only played the prologue and got a MASSIVE impression out of it as a result. Despite that, I feel I haven't gotten much out of it, so I'm posting it here as a quick thought. Also, I played this on PC so I have no idea what the PS4 version is like.)

Not a fan of games that focus on story over gameplay, as this has mostly walking sections and unskippable cutscenes, but the atmosphere has won me over really well. It's a physiological horror game about a schizophrenic Nortic woman. While playing, wild things will occur like psychotic voices talking over you and mocking you, enemies attacking you and causing your insanity to go up, and the like.
I should go in more detail, but I think that should be saved for when I write a more concise review, when I play it all the way through.