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Postby Steve » January 16th, 2018, 1:27 pm

I just finished this game last night and it was great overall. The atmosphere reminded me a lot of Bioshock and the combat was unique with some of its weapons (GLOO gun) as well as it's powers, although I didn't use many of the alien powers by choice. The game takes place on a space station (inside and out) infected with an alien. Since you have to craft a lot of your ammunition and other supplies, resource management plays a fairly important role. Even though I won't be replaying this game due to a huge backlog and the amount of time I've already put into it (40+ hours), the game is totally built for multiple replays. The three suggested playthroughs (human power, alien power, no powers) would play very different so I think for people who are into that would be happy. I really didn't experience any bugs in the game other than an occasional slow down. I'm not sure why that was infrequent for such a large game.

Since I'm not good at writing reviews, I'll just list what I think are some of the positives and negatives
[*]Great atmosphere/design.
[*]Scary (mostly jump scares). The fact that some of the aliens are capable of disguising themselves as inanimate objects, such as a healthkit or ammo helped in this area.
[*]Soundtrack/sound effects were excellent. Disturbing, in a good way.
[*]Unique weapons/powers
[*]Plenty of content

[*]Way too many collectibles, especially if you are achievement hunting like I do. Ultimately, I gave up on finding all the humans. If you count everything, there is probably over 400 items. Since the story is built up by the collectibles, missing some of them leaves some blanks in the story.
[*]On a similar notes, there is too much back story/content. For a game I spent a record-breaking 40+ hours on, I found myself collecting but not really reading a lot of the content. Things like notes and e-mails were bite-sized but just too much.
[*]Some parts were very difficult to navigate without a guide, which I was using, and that made a few sections of the game not very enjoyable. This was a minor issue.
[*]Unacceptable load times. Especially at the end when you are rapidly changing sections. There was one period where I felt that of 10 minutes of real time, was 8 minutes of load time. This part should be patched.

As noted above, I've never devoted this much time to a single player game so it must have done something right to keep my interest going. I would recommend this game and would score it 8/10. I got my copy from Amazon for $20 although for some reason, it's back to $25 - either price is well worth it. It's a shame that it didn't seem to do that well despite some positive reviews. For anyone curious, it is nothing like the previous Prey.

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Re: Prey

Postby Sut » January 16th, 2018, 3:25 pm

Thanks for the write up Steve will look out for this one.

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Re: Prey

Postby DrLitch » January 17th, 2018, 12:32 am

I echo your thoughts, a fantastic game. My number 1 complaint though is the game is somewhat stingy on ammo and in the beginning, your character is ill equipped for the challenge ahead. I know a few people that gave up on it in the beginning. I persevered and am glad I did.

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