Krazy Ivan (PS1)

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Krazy Ivan (PS1)

Postby VideoGameCritic » February 4th, 2018, 11:16 am

This is one of those early PS1 titles with integrated video clips. I love that kind of stuff. The game itself is basically a first-person mech shooter. I'm actually enjoying it a lot, but I was expecting snow stages. Where are they??

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Re: Krazy Ivan (PS1)

Postby Stalvern » February 4th, 2018, 12:54 pm

I was the one who brought it up in the winter games thread, and I think I was just mistaken. I could have sworn that there was a snow level, but having skimmed through the playthrough that's on YouTube, I have to assume that I was just imagining it because of the snow levels in similar games that I played a lot as a kid (particularly Incoming). I also brought up the draw-in fading to white, which stuck with me from having seen that YouTube playthrough around the time it was posted (2010), a long time ago but still many years after I had played the game myself; it was just badly set-up emulation in those specific videos. Sorry for getting your hopes up with my bad memory. :( At least the intro has plenty of snow!

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