Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Postby DrLitch » February 26th, 2018, 1:20 pm

I am impressed so far. The developers spent a lot of time integrating actual history with the gameplay. I spend a lot of time on Google while playing just reading about the events that happened at a particular location.

As a game, it is as you would expect from a modern 1st person RPG - there is the good and the mediocre which seems to be the norm for this genre.

- The game engine barely runs well on my Xbox One. Even very high end PC's are having issues with the engine. Game is not well optimized for the hardware and has a few glitches. This no doubt will be patched at some point in the future.
- The graphics are very good, if not superb, but the lip syncing and gestures are something you expect from a PS2 era game not a RPG in 2018. Something just seems off here but it is easily ignored.
- The save system is unforgiving, the game saves you once you complete something important or sleep at designated locations, but auto saving at exit is a no go and you cannot generally save progress whenever you want.
- The game is rather slow paced but that will not be an issue for most RPG players.

I am approx 20hours in and no doubt will end up racking 80+ hours. The character interactions are realistic, enjoyable and occasionally comedic. The combat, while not at all perfect, is fun and along the lines of the swordplay in games like Mount and Banner or Skyrim (no magic in Kingdom Come though). The game attempts to be realistic in a sense that the character gets hungry, character can eat or drink too much, food goes off, bleeding open wounds must be patched and so on and so forth. Overall, a solid game, at the current state of play, a B-. My biggest bugbear is the save system - I bought the friggin game using my own hard earned $, let me save whenever I please - the rough workaround they gave through drinking Saviour Schnapps does not cut it when the drink is rarer than hens teeth and expensive! I hear the developer is going to patch this - if they do and even out the frame rate and a few other graphical glitches, you can bump the score of this game to B+.

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