Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Dreamcast)

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Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Dreamcast)

Postby VideoGameCritic » April 9th, 2018, 8:23 pm

I was also a big fan of Rush Rush Rally Reloaded - a neat overhead racer for the Dreamcast. So when Rush Rush Rally Reloaded came around I jumped on it. But I was underwhelmed. It's been sitting in my review queue for quite a while.

Finally I decided to play the original and reloaded back to back to get to the heart of the matter. You know what? I still can't tell the difference. Oh there's are time attack and challenge modes, but these are just rehashes of the regular game (with zero and one opponent, respectively). Reloaded MIGHT be a little harder.

The bottom line is, if you own the original, you don't need reloaded.

I still need to try out the multiplayer modes before posting my review.

PS: The music is both games is fantastic.

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